Free Health Insurance Quotes – Why You Should Never Pay for One

Insurance companies have a vested interest in offering you free health insurance quotes; they want you to sign up for the insurance that they offer.

Companies or organizations that charge for quotes are trying to extract money from you before they tell you about the products they offer, and their products may not even be up to par in the first place. They don’t really care if they sell you insurance because they’ve already taken some of your money anyway.

When people ask me, “How do I find the best health insurance companies?” I tell them to look for companies that offer free quotes. You can get free quotes from agencies that will even help you compare many different insurance companies. I also tell them to find companies that will talk to you on the phone.

When you call in and are able to talk to an actual person – a licensed insurance agent – you are more likely to get your questions answered, get a good feel for the company, and find a plan that is right for you and fits your budget. When you sign up for insurance online, you might not get as much information as you should. It’s difficult to decipher all the insurance jargon in those forms and still end up choosing the right plan.